Welcome to Star of Seas Marine Enterprises

Hello, we count it a great pleasure to welcome you to STAR OF SEAS MARINE ENTERPRISES, a shipping company loaded with exceptional marine professionals’ front end and back end set to relieve you of all the years of quality marine service search. We have an experience of over 2 decades now, and have successfully carried out various marine related services to the satisfaction of our teeming clients.

Our expertise in the shipping field is beyond description. This is because we set out to do what we know best, and are capable of, which is years of experience. This has been successfully achieved through our team of highly competent marine experts who work relentlessly in the back ground to make your dream a reality.

We provide lasting solutions to all clients’ needs and challenges through our quality and result-oriented services covering the following: sales and purchase & leasing of containers, ship chartering, freight forwarding, ship spares supply, marine consultancy, ship management, import and export and trading in scraps.

You can see how encompassing our scopes of services are. We are determined to make you actualize your business goals either as a novice or expert. You can count on us for all the needed guidance to break through in your business venture.

Our primary goal is the overall satisfaction of our clients. Our focus is to manoeuvre all available resources to ensure clients are given top notch services that will make them come back for more, and also make us their number one choice. Despite our array of services, we render affordable and cost effective jobs which are often within our clients’ budget without reduction of quality service.

We understand the place of time in all business ventures, and one of the ways we work to satisfy our clients is through timely delivery. We work within our clients’ time specification to ensure their business do not lag behind. There are rigid rules and laws everywhere governing companies and various corporations of which the shipping company is not an exemption, but, we make ours flexible enough for our numerous clients.


Our Services

  • Sales & Purchase of Containers

    We, at SOSME, are in the shipping container business providing new, old and used containers for moving cargo from one place to another.....

  • Ship Chartering

    SOSME is proud to offer expert chartering services. We operate these services as agents to ship owners, shippers and charterers for.....

  • Freight Forwarding

    Our aim is to make shipping and freight movement hassle-free while filling up every loophole that maybe associated with these services.....
  • Ship Spares Supply

    Ship parts are not everyday parts that you make and keep on standby waiting for the day a ship would breakdown, but required for.....

  • Marine Consultancy

    With a team of experts in logistics and transportation, we provide marine solutions for the vertical transportation of all types of cargo.....

  • Ship Management

    Management of ships is an important part of maritime traffic supervision.

  • Imports & Export

    SOSME, an exporter & importer holding IEC (code) license with good experience in this area of shipping business have tested waters.....

  • Trading in Scraps

    SOSME carries out buying and selling of scraps of containers, ships, barges, tugs, industrial scraps, marine scraps, used machinery and secondary.....

  • Other Services

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  • Vision

    It is our ardent desire to endeavour imprinting our name in the global marine industry including merchant marine & seismic exploration by operating, managing, chartering and building high quality environmental friendly green ships.
  • Mission

    To achieve this end will pursue and foster suitable associations and actively involve in ancillary operations & activities in the maritime industry evolving precision process control, standard operating procedures by according highest quality to life with like minded entrepreneurs and seafarers.