Sales & Purchase of Containers

We, at SOSME, are in the shipping container business providing new, old and used containers for moving cargo from one place to another. The marine containers come in various sizes including the most used ones, which comes in 20ft and 40ft, and even odd sized categorized as GP, HC, Open Top, etc. Our extensive experience allows us provide you with expert advice and service that would meet your desired requirements.

We ensure our company is not left behind in technological terms by staying at the cutting edge of the latest developments and technologies of the marine industry in this space. We also carry out purchase of steel containers and storage containers, even those in specific dimensions. All containers supplied by SOSME are shipping containers built in accordance with International & ISO standards of IICL and cargo worthiness. This means, we provide you with only the safest, most secure and durable shipping containers, delivered exactly on time.

Our area of specialization is arranging supply of shipping containers on rental/lease, and on outright purchase at the most competitive rates depending on the need of the customers. On outright purchase, we provide containers totally domesticated for local use of the highest standards. Unrelenting support from our overseas counterparts has tremendously helped us to be one up in this area having a niche in the market, and providing volumes at the shortest time. This has been the hallmark of our strengths, and even goes to a surprising end to provide high quality containers and services more than our clients could contemplate.

SOSME’s cargo inspection services are specially coordinated to satisfy clients that not only require reassurance during container loading and unloading, but also safety inspection to ensure that safety requirements of cargo transport are met. During inspection services, you can be rest assured that we would also look to see that correct goods handling procedures are put in place and adhered to. You can completely depend on us for inspection and due certifications as the case may be.

We have also created a niche in modification of containers as per clients’ need and have been a great player in providing containers to a neat finish for cargo carrying, office cabins, security cabins, or any other use suitable, with a highly professional team of engineers and fabricators. Our container survey/inspection services cover all aspects and our surveyors/inspectors finish by delivering an accurate survey report to the client, whenever required.

We supervise the import of new shipping containers to meet client’s specifications and also coordinate port to port movement of containers. SOSME handles all your rental/leasing of cargo containers with unprecedented ease, augmented well by overseas vendors and local engineers. We satisfy all your needs, and anything on containers, which is our strong forte in the shipping business.

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