Ship Management

Management of ships is an important part of maritime traffic supervision. We are capable of managing all ship related services such as registration of ships, management of foreign vessels and visas for ships leaving and entering different countries. We also carry out chartering operations for the vessels either for commercial or personal use as the case maybe. SOSME teams bring to the table a wealth of experience when it comes to ship technical and crew management. It is a standing policy for SOSME to operate all managed ships in the best possible way.

With our highly qualified team of marine professionals that are capable of handling and managing any sort of operation the company may be embarking on, you can count on us for quality service delivery. As per each field of ship management, SOSME has well trained individuals that are willing to handle the operation, and make sure everything goes well. A good relationship with various collaborating companies is also very essential in this business, and that is why we keep a very healthy relationship with support companies to ensure a smooth run of operations.