Trading in Scraps


SOSME carries out buying and selling of scraps of containers, ships, barges, tugs, industrial scraps, marine scraps, used machinery and secondary steel. We are committed to providing the best collection service aimed at meeting our suppliers’ requirements while being able to compete more in domestic scrap markets. Our key suppliers are prominent players in the shipyards, construction sites, maintenance plants and both local and overseas factories.

HMS1 and HMS1 & 2 are heavy melting steels/scraps that are designated for reusable steel and iron. Because of the high requirements of this steel/scrap such as thickness and strength, it is only derived from specific sources, which include rail wheels, automobile parts etc. Aluminum is another metal that is required in large quantities by a lot of industries such as aviation, marine and automobile industry, but sourcing such large quantity is quite cumbersome.

As cumbersome as it gets, you can be rest assured that we are capable of sourcing and supplying only metals with very minimum impurities i.e less than 1% impurities. Heavy duty machine parts do not come easy, but can still be gotten at a reasonable price. We, at SOSME, ensure delivering vital raw materials of steel scraps needed by our clients for the smooth running of their business.