Ship Spares Supply

Ship parts are not everyday parts that you make and keep on standby waiting for the day a ship would breakdown, but required for routine maintenance, emergencies and to avoid breakdown. We arrange ship parts from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), and the reconditioning from professional marine workshops. We, at SOSME, take special care in getting these OEM products from the companies and countries of origin, and ensure they are supplied in due time to get it to the ship in deep sea.

At reconditioned ones, we ensure parts supplied to our customers are of premium quality. Even as reconditioned spares, they have to be of a very high standard quality and, this is our reason for going the extra mile towards ensuring that whatever is being fabricated or reconditioned adhered to high standards, and with the originals for optimum and safe working.

SOSME offers ship owners/managers special supplies, servicing and fabrication of these parts even outside India with extra precision to serve their purpose. Our excellent team works tirelessly to choose the best mode of transportation that matches our customers’ timing and cost. We ease ship owners as well as companies the stress involved in the whole process by taking responsibility of the entire supply process.

We also ensure that we adhere strictly to the International Safety Management and ISO Standards with the help of our specialized staff who are well equipped with relevant knowledge of the best local suppliers in India as well as abroad. These local suppliers give us quality products at best prices, which we, in turn, make available to our clients at affordable prices too.

SOSME also provide qualified and specialized technicians for onboard maintenance, service and installation plants and machineries in the main fleet and offshore vessels with cost effective and timely service.