Freight Forwarding

Our aim is to make shipping and freight movement hassle-free while filling up every loophole that maybe associated with these services so that our customers can have peace of mind knowing that their shipment is being professionally handled. With personalized services, SOSME can handle your shipment not regarding the size of, point of origin or destination of your cargo. Through a comprehensive logistics service division, our company can offer you services such as shipment booking, bill of lading preparation, preparation and electronic filing of Electronic Export Information (EEI), and shipment monitoring.

We have the ability to work with short notices and document the whole process fast as we know the place of time in a business like ours. We are always looking for ways to see how we can help you move your cargo with ease and expertise. You can be rest assured that your cargo is in safe hands when they are with us having successfully helped a lot of clients in the recent past. Access to transportation capacity is a good requirement to look out for when selecting a freight forwarding company, this is a characteristic that our company SOSME possesses. We give you more than just freight forwarding by providing shipment visibility and control that adds flexibility while being efficient.

SOSME also provides service expertise by assisting you with the complex country by country export and import requirements. We coordinate all aspects of the process on behalf of our clients, including compliance with rules and regulations according to various countries. Our freight forwarding services can stand alone, in that they can be integrated with inland logistics services and transportation to give you convenience, and centralized responsibility for a door-to-door solution. Less than container load or full container load cargo (LCL/FCL) is easily moved from point of origin to destination with much ease. We provide LCL/FCL freight services to and fro worldwide locations such as Far East, Middle East, USA, Europe, etc. Perishables and odd sized cargo are handled with expert advice and professionalism to a complete hassle free end, also catering to the needs of new customers.