Import & Export Service SOSME

SOSME, an exporter & importer holding IEC (code) license with good experience in this area of shipping business have tested waters within West African Countries, and are further exploring other territories to fulfill interests of importers and exporters. We are experts at import/export procedures, documentations and other custom formalities. SOSME gives adequate guidance and all necessary information required by our clients on how to embark on this type of business, with a complete comprehensive package. We help clients by guiding them step by step on how to get the necessary documents required in carrying out smooth importation/exportation business.

We also help in considering the risk and advantage in doing business with various countries and by engaging with people in these countries up to completing the formalities of imports & exports. We assist with impeccable ease on imports of new & used containers, Forklifts, packaging materials like stretch film, and items including Ship’s Spares as per Clients’ need.

If you are planning on starting this business or you are already into it, but need some degree of guidance, you can always count on our years of experience to put you through. SOSME experts work with clients to ensure maximum compliance with laws and regulations while also encouraging them to become familiar with these laws so as to stay in line.

We have good experience in imports/exports of garments, precious and semi precious stones, minerals, household FMCG, beverages, etc. as per clients’ needs while adhering to all state laws. Our eagle eye helps you stay atop of looming dangers and unforeseen catastrophe. Our team of specialists is always on hand to arrange certifications of agricultural products & perishables that are in transit.

We understand the pulse of the importers and exports, and focus all our efforts meticulously towards finding a final solution with sound practical knowledge, and a profound team of trade experts to achieve this end.