Recruitment can be a quite difficult process for firms and companies alike. The overall process involves attracting and sieving through a lot of suitable candidates so as to select the best for the job. We assist large recruitment companies in the areas of Human Resources Capital as associate, and as Franchisee. SOSME provides expertise and assistance in the process of recruitment to the manufacturing, IT, insurance, power, and marine industries in the mid-management level.

Since qualified technicians are to be tested on the field to determine their capability to do jobs with little or no supervision, recruiting them for specialized jobs in fabrication units and workshops is a delicate job that requires a lot of work because of how sensitive the industry they are associated with is. We are proud to be true specialist in this area of Human Resource Capital recruitment. We are able to achieve this by getting relevant information of various businesses and marketplace, and by using this information to source for the best needed human resources to actualize your organizational goals.

We also take pride in recruiting for special marine services such as cranes, heavy duty machine lifting and inspection. We listen to the needs of our clients, and consider employees’ aspirations in such areas before assisting in career development and progression of the individuals. Whether you are looking for employees offshore, onshore, abroad or just generally in the marine industry, we have the resources needed to select the best candidate for the job.

Our team of experienced staffs can also help in recruiting the best technicians for repair, maintenance and upgrade of machinery in the marine industry with the use of special and modern technological equipment. Specialists in the marine industry are very big contractors worldwide, and the jobs they embark on are highly specialized ones. Given the high level of specialty required in the industry, recruiting for these industries is a job that is to be handled by capable hands like our professional team that uphold quality and safety.