Welcome To SOSME’s Privacy Policy Page

You can entrust your information to us anytime you use Star of Seas Marine Enterprises (SOSME) services. From this privacy policy, you can understand the type of data we can collect from you, the reason we do the collection and the action we carry out with them at a glance. This is crucial as we hope you will meticulously read it. It is our policy to honor your privacy with respect to any detail collected from you in the course of using our site.

SOSME Visitors

As a common practice by most website owners and webmasters, we collect only information that web servers/browsers often retrieve from visitors. These are referring site, browser category, date/time of visit and language preference(s). These are referred to as non–personal information, and the essence of detail collection is to further help us understand how our visitors make use of our site. This information collected can also make us publish a report to determine the number of site users as well as how the site is used.

Other essential information we can collect from our visitors is the IP address used for logging on to our site. This information is also kept private by us except for report publication to determine the different geographic users of our site. It can only be made public if the visitor makes such visible.

Data Gathering and Collection

The nature of our interaction/relationship with visitors determines the depth and kind of personal information collected from them. Visitors who engage in business transactions or in need of our numerous services may be liable to supplying more information, which are only needed to carry out their request. These information are only required for the fulfillment of visitors’ desired transaction with us. While we keep such information secret for business purpose only, visitors have the prerogative of either supplying them or opting out.


All types of information collected are kept private except those disclosed to our contractors, affiliated establishments and employees. These people are privy to such information because of their internal relationship with us in carrying out your order on our behalf or in the course of using our website to process your request. They have also sworn to the secrecy of your information which they cannot make public. Since majority of them may be far from your country, you agree to let them know of your disclosed information as long as you make use of this website.

Apart from these categories of people who are privy to your information because of their involvement with our services, we do not sell or rent out any part of your provided details. They may be disclosed only according to the order given by court and government/legal request. Another factor that can lead to us disclosing your personal detail is the belief in good faith where the protection of company’s right or property, the public and other third parties are duly considered.

As a registered and regular user of our website services, we may send email to you occasionally to keep you abreast of company’s events, news, new features and services. Sent request to our customer service through mail or other means may be published for general use in helping to solve related problem encountered by other users in the future. SOSME is interested in protecting your information from unauthorized alteration, use, destruction and access.

Our Cookies

This has to do with the string of details/information, which our site stores on your system as a visitor to our site and also which your browser supply to our site each time you come back to the site as a regular visitor. We use this tool to track, and also identify our visitors, their site preference (access) and our site usage. As a company, some of our site’s features may be rendered inefficient without the use of cookies; this is why this device cannot completely be uninstalled. But, for visitors who do not want the use of cookies on their system, they can do so by configuring their browsers accordingly.

As part our policy, you must understand that in the light of company acquisition by a third party, possibility of bankruptcy or total stoppage of business deals, visitors’ information are parts of the asset that will be acquired by the new company. You, therefore agree to the continuous use of your earlier supplied details by the company. With the possibility of advertising company using our site with their cookies, our policy recognizes and covers only our own use of cookies, and not those of advertisers.

Possibility of Change in Policy

Our privacy policy is subject to changes, which are mostly minor in nature. This can be done from time to time within the discretion of SOSME. We therefore urge our visitors to check this page frequently to be in tune with our privacy policy because continuous use means agreement and acceptance to these changes.